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Rome is calling

IMG_2733Packing shorts and sandals for a Roman weekend!!

By Stefania Paparelli 


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The longing makes it even nicer when it finally comes, these two last years in Sweden has really made me aware of the seasons and the sudden changes. After a long dark winter it almost feels surreal to sit under the warm sun again. We welcomed the spring and the sunny weather this easter, took a day in Torup with picnik.

All the ramslök we found!!! Now our fridge is full and tonight we are having a pie and a pesto with Ramslök of course;) IMG_2668_Snapseed


This one I will try tonight..

Ramslöks Pesto 

5 tbs of Ramslök

50 g almonds

1/2 dl of olive oil


Black pepper


lemon peel

Mix ramslök, almond, oil, salt and pepper to a even paste, add som cold water, capers and lemon peel, maybe some more salt and pepper.

Enjoy as a dipp for veggies or on crisp bread!

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IMG_2563_SnapseedIt was the first time for my kids, like “trick or treat” but without doing tricks!! 

IMG_2566_SnapseedThis little one made a success by singing Santa Lucia, can you imagine how much candies they came home with??


IMG_2577_SnapseedMilo keeping the counting and planning what to buy….

IMG_2582_SnapseedFirst swedish easter was a success!!

IMG_2647_SnapseedI have had family and friends over all week and this is where we have been sitting, under the magic magnolia in bloom! 




IMG_2656_SnapseedCan´t think of a better way to spend my Easter, Sweden really showed her best side this weekend!



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More wild greens!!

Desktop1It´s season, out and pick!!!



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IMG_2375My days has been busy, but busy in a good way. Full of friendship, love and fun things. House is full of kids and I have a good friend staying with us. Long dinners, lots of talking, thats the way I want my Easter! I have even done a intense Yoga corse with amazing Petri Räisänen, so I feel soft but at the same time strong in my body and mind;)

IMG_2493Monday night we had dinner at PatéPaté in Copenhagen with best Adina and Carmen, it´s so nice to meet up with old friends that you haven’t seen for ages but once you get together it feels like it was yesterday you saw each other. Time´s passing, things in life changes but the friendship remains.

IMG_2498I saw Carmen playing live at the Bremen theatre for the first time, it was amazing and I felt like a proud mother sitting there in the audiences watching my friend.  


IMG_2395At home my garden project is continuing and I got some good help painting the door green! 




Adina takes the most beautiful pictures and she had the best model posing for her, Cleo of course! IMG_2523


IMG_2532Now we are loading for Easter, we made cards for tomorrow and the kids are planning what to wear!! The sun is shining and now I´m heading for Kallis, its a good day!!



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Dressed for successe!


IMG_2403_SnapseedGood morning, I’m a pink girl hulk!!!!!!! Whats better than to get wakeuped by a pink super hero girl?!



IMG_2412_SnapseedYou see how dangerous I can bee??


IMG_2428I´m the luckiest women on earth having this little, pink, special person in my life!



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I love the spring, all the colours, the light and the birds but most of all I like the expectations of what about to come. Fixing and taking care of a garden gives you faith in tomorrow. My garden project has started, today I digged and prepared for my little plantagen. It is still to cold for most vegetables so now I´m just waiting for the sun!!

The hard job is done, now Im studying and learning about different plants and vegetables  that are easy to grow. My ambition is to have some tomatoes, mangold, basil, rhubarb, ruccola, strawberries, zucchini, potatoes and carrots of course.



My and Milo´s little basil seeds are now seeing the light for the first time, a few more weeks then they will be ready for the big world.  IMG_2353_SnapseedJust a few more days then I will sit under my blooming Magnolia tree, just a few days..

I wish you all a beautiful weekend!


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On my pintrest right now…










Right now my pintrest is flooded with green stylish food images, can’t get enough!!!


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What to buy?


You want to celebrate and get the perfect gift for the one you love that has passed the first half of his life. But what can you give to someone that has everything and buyes all the things he wants for him self?? Very tricky, and we have been thinking and thinking..  Finally we realised that he never got himself a oil portrait, so that´s what we gave him. “The man of the house” kind of painting;) something our grand grand children will have as a memory on their walls one day…
IMG_2317A soft nice club chair for his wine cellar. But now it got to move up in the kitchen, we realised it is to beautiful to stand in the dark down in the basement… Then we filled up his wine cellar with bottles from 1964-2013, the best years of his life.  IMG_2335


Two surprise party´s later, a trip to New York and Rome. The man can now start a new chapter in his life, the best years are here, I love you!


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Last week I went to check out the showroom onetwoten here in Malmö and came home with a bag full of my boys favourite clothes Ebbe! Great cool basic clothers for every  kids wardrobe. I just love the fact that everything fits so good together and the name Ebbe stands for “extra beautiful basic equipment”.

Too cool for school, Tiago with his hoodie and the little hipster hat!



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